List of Alkaloids in Coca Tea

Here’s a list of the beneficial alkaloids known to be in coca tea…

  • atropine:     dries the respiratory tract
  • benzoine:   aids scarring, anti-fermenting
  • cocaine:      anaesthetic, analgesic, stimulant
  • cocamine:   analgesic
  • conine:       powerful anaesthetic
  • quinoline:   prevents caries, affects Ca/P
  • ecgonine:   metabolizes sugars
  • globulin:     cardiac tonic, effective against altitude sickness
  • hygrine:      stimulates the salivary glands
  • inuline:       equivalent to B12, increases haemoglobin
  • papaine:     aids scarring, digestive
  • pectin:        absorbent, anti-diarrhoea
  • pyridine:    increases cerebral circulation
  • reserpine:   reduces arterial hypertension