How I Discovered the Amazing Properties of Coca Tea

2022 Update

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Update: May 2019:  Dear reader, below you will find my original article, written way back in 2013, at a time when we boldly decided to start importing this precious gift of nature into Australia.  Since then, others have started to sell coca tea in this country online, and that’s great!  We welcome competition, and to prove it, we encourage you to visit their site (just Google “Coca Tea Express”).  Just beware that the owner of Coca Tea Express makes some grandiose claims of his product being Organic without evidence, and their prices are exorbitant. 

Competition is great, as it can only benefit the customer, and makes us strive to work harder than ever on our mission to bring this miraculous herb, coca, the divine plant of the ancient Incas, to all. 

In 2013, we opened Tea for Life, a discreet and friendly place where thousands of customers have discovered the life-affirming qualities of coca tea.  Tea for Life is Australia’s original and best coca tea shop, and the most competitively priced as well.  Beware other sellers and their over-inflated prices!  Check the quality and the price – Tea for Life is the best value Coca Tea in Australia.

In Peru, there’s only one company legally allowed to produce Coca Tea, and its name is ENACO.  ENACO is owned by the Peru government and is based in the traditional coca-growing region called Cusco

Tea for Life only provides fresh coca tea sourced directly from ENACO.  Ask your potential seller if the product is from ENACO…if it isn’t, it’s illegal even in Peru (though of course much causal trade in coca leaf exists over in that country, as would be expected).  This is important, as it means there is no official quality system or standards governing its production, and you may end up with an inferior, less potent product.

Also beware that some dishonest vendors call their product “organic”, “extra strength” or “triple strength”.  This is usually untrue at worst or exaggerated at best…marketing ploys designed to make you spend more for a sometimes same or inferior product. If a coca product is claimed to be organic, you should demand a certificate from the seller.

Coca Tea and Me

For much of my adult life, I have suffered from tiredness, lethargy and, though I did not know it until recently, depression.  Had I known about Coca Tea years before, I would have saved myself years of drudging through life an always-tired zombie!

Coca Tea Australia
A satisfying, stimulating cup of coca tea

For years I struggled with heavy-limbed tiredness, where even everyday tasks were a chore. Because I did not know any other way, I thought this was normal… Or at least normal for someone like me – not terribly physically active or fit, and whose diet could be better.

I have always had an interest in herbs and supplements, preferring these as alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs wherever possible. I have a background in science and do rather enjoy researching for herbal remedies on the Internet.

Discovering Coca Tea

One day I came across a so-called caffeine-free health tea. Legal in Peru, the country of origin.  I found coca tea powder, as well as coca tea bags, were available, just like any other regular herbal tea, In fact, this type of tea is a regular supermarket item, purchasable by anyone of any age.  This led me to think that the people of Peru would never make a product so freely available if it was dangerous.

But still, I was a bit sceptical.  The supposed benefits from this tea seemed too good to be true…

  • Increased energy and mental alertness
  • Decreased appetite whilst being highly nutritious
  • Acted as a mood stabiliser and enhancer
  • Regulated blood pressure and blood glucose levels

…and many others.

This beverage is known as “mate de coca” over in Spanish-speaking Peru, or more simply in our tongue, coca tea.

After my initial research, I realised that coca tea is indeed consumed regularly across many parts of South America, and has been for many thousands of years. I also learned that it is made from the plant where the deadly drug cocaine comes from.

Wait!  What??

Deadly Drug or Healthy Drink?

I’m sure you have heard of cocaine, and know that it is not a healthy substance! It is a highly addictive and dangerous drug and should be avoided at all costs.

However, something about the coca tea intrigued me, and so I continued my research. I had various questions in my mind…

  • How much cocaine is there really in coca tea?
  • What else is there in the tea that might bring the supposed health benefits?
  • If it comes from the coca plant, does that mean it’s illegal to have here in Australia or New Zealand?

It turns out that there is very little cocaine in coca tea (even though some people mistakenly call it the “cocaine plant”).  As far as I can tell, it has about 0.1% cocaine content.

I found some laboratory analysis data, which showed that coca tea has many beneficial alkaloids.  Alkaloids are a class of substances that are, broadly, opposite to acids.  14 beneficial alkaloids have been isolated in coca.  Click here for a list of coca alkaloids, and the effects they are known for.

I discovered also that the coca plant has an exceptional nutrition profile. It has many vitamins and trace elements that the body needs.

I read that the coca leaf has been chewed, and used as a tea in South American countries like Peru and Bolivia for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Coca Tea Australia/New Zealand?

Apparently, the tea is drunk regularly by all age groups… In fact, it is a supermarket item. So why was this apparently harmless drink not available in New Zealand or Australia? Well, you may have guessed the answer – it’s because cocaine is made from coca leaves, and in Australia/New Zealand, as well as many other countries, coca products are totally banned.

I was disappointed. Up to this point, I had become very keen to try it, as it sounded like just the right thing I needed to boost my energy levels.

I decided I was going to risk it, so I ordered some coca tea from an online store in Peru. To my surprise, it cleared Customs, and arrived on my doorstep several weeks after my order. I immediately put on the kettle, made two cups of tea, and drank one after the other.

Fresh Coca Leaves
Fresh Coca Leaf – Sadly Unavailable in Australia/NZ

Day by day, I continued to drink the tea at least once or twice per day. After three days, I knew I had found the remedy to my tiredness – I felt much less tired and had a lot more energy than before (* please see disclaimer at the bottom of this page).  I started exercising again after a very long break. I also discovered that my writer’s block had disappeared and that the “brain fog” that I was so used to living with had all but disappeared.

Too Good to be True?

I started to realise that everything I read about coca tea was true. After all, I was sceptical. I had read before about supplements or herbal remedies that promised to fix one thing or another, but what I had read about coca tea was that it was a remedy from many things, and it just seemed too good to be true.

Well, I’m here to say that it is true! I have been drinking coca tea on and off for the last several years and it has improved my life and my health immeasurably.

And it can help you too. I am such a devotee that I decided to create this website to let other people know that there does exist a natural substance that really can make a huge difference and that it is safe.

But it’s illegal in this country, and that is something that I find very sad. On one hand I understand that cocaine is a terribly dangerous addictive and deadly drug. But coca tea is none of these things.

I liken it to poppy seeds versus heroin. Heroin is also deadly, but are poppy seeds?

Illegal, but Tolerated?

Until the laws change (if they ever do), this incredibly healthy and life-positive food substance is not available to the general public. However, read on, and you will discover that it’s not so hard, or at all risky to try this for yourself.

I have bought coca online many times over the past few years, and from many sources. I have had good coca that brought me all the benefits that are said to come with, and I have had poor quality coca which basically did nothing.

Through my years of learning and understanding this amazing beverage, I have gotten to know how to find the freshest and highest quality coca, and while it is technically illegal in this country, it always gets delivered.

I found about a year ago that even Amazon, the giant American online store sells coca products. And this in a country where Coca is also considered illegal! It turns out that the government there realises that this is a healthy product and not one that is abused, and so, provided the supplier has the necessary licenses, they are legally allowed to sell the stuff.

Edit: November 2013 – It appears Amazon is no longer listing coca products on their website.  They have not released any public statements, but there’s some speculation that coca products were getting too popular, and that Amazon was getting worried about getting into legal trouble.  Whatever the reason, it is a big shame, as it has made it harder to source high-quality coca tea.  But read on – there’s still hope if you want to try it!

A Part of my Life Now…

So there you have it, my story so far about how I discovered coca, how I tried it, loved it, and now don’t want to be without it.

This is a new website, and I have lots more to write about coca. I’m putting together a Coca Tea FAQ, which will answer a lot of the questions you may have.  If you have any questions, click here to contact me, and I’ll include your question on the FAQ page 🙂

I strongly suggest you read this before trying any coca products, as it will save you from wasting your money on bad coca, as well as enlighten you about other things you need to know.

In health and happiness,

Mike, the Tea Lover

P.S. If you are interested in trying coca leaf tea, then this “AAA Grade” coca tea powder has been, until now, hard to find.

Most coca tea on the market has been sitting around in a warehouse for months, which affects its potency.  The tea I have been using for the past year is guaranteed fresher, and higher quality – I have had many shipments of this tea this year, and it has been excellent.

Coca Tea Powder
Coca tea in its powdered form


AAA-Grade Coca Tea (No longer listed on Amazon, but now available at the Aussie Tea Shop)


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  • Nature’s Ultimate Green Super Food
  • Authentic Raw Alkaloid Content
  • Optimized Via The Native Andean Mineral Rich Highland Soil Conditions
  • The Ultimate Cognitive Herbal Energy Tonic
  • Sourced Direct from Peruvian Highland Andes Mountain Region

December 2013 Update: This tea is now available with a 100% delivery success rate.  Shipped from within Australia!

Now also shipping to New Zealand

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In good health!


* Disclaimer:
The information provided on this web site is only intended to be general information for the public. It is based upon personal experience and research. It is not our intention to provide specific medical advice, instead we provide users with information to help them better understand how the mentioned product might impact upon their health or diagnosed conditions. We strongly suggest users to consult with a qualified health care professional for diagnosis and answers to their personal medical questions.