Iced Coca Tea

My all-time favourite cold coca drink!

This is a perfect drink for warmer weather, or just when you need something cold.  The coca provides a delicious flavour base, and the honey, lemon and, optionally, cranberry juice, really complement the coca to result in an amazingly refreshing beverage.

This recipe works best with concentrated coca tea made in an AeroPress.  Learn more about the AeroPress here.


1 heaped teaspoon of coca tea powder. 2 teaspoons for a stronger beverage.

Hot water, just off the boil.

Ice cubes.

Lemon juice.

Honey, sugar or organic stevia to sweeten if desired.



Make one or two “shots” as per the AeroPress CocaSpresso directions.
(if you don’t have an AeroPress, you can use a coffee plunger to make the brew and filter out the tea grounds)

Add a teaspoon of honey or your choice of sweetener, if any.

Add plenty of ice to the filtered coca tea.

Top up with some cold filtered or spring water.

Variation: Top up with fruit juice drink such as Ocean Spray Cranberry Classic instead of water for a tangier, tastier drink.

Add some lemon juice to taste.