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Where Can I Buy Coca Tea Online in Australia?

As the world becomes smaller, aided by the use of smartphones and the Internet, more and more people are becoming aware of the many herbal remedies and medicines out there.

In many cases, herbal remedies such as coca tea are a better alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, especially for staying healthy for longer.  They can also reduce the need for pharmaceuticals in the first place!

ABF Customs Seizure Example LEtter
A Customs seizure letter is never fun to get, even in the best of times.

Bringing coca tea into Australia is usually not recommended for the average citizen. Even if the risk of losing your money and getting a strongly-worded letter from Australian Customs doesn’t bother you, you can find your delivery address will be blacklisted by Customs for months, or even longer.

This can lead to problems with other items you try to import in the future, especially if they are herbal or health-related supplements.  I know, as it has happened to me many times…to the point where I ran out of addresses to keep trying to ship my coca tea to!

That was years ago, and since then we have perfected our import system.  That’s why you can buy coca tea in Australia safely and securely because it has already cleared Customs.  Once in the country, it is sent to you via good old Australia Post.  High-quality coca tea, completely risk-free.

That is the reason why, when you shop at Tea for Life, you know you will receive your coca tea quickly, discreetly and anonymously.

Coca Tea Australia – Fresh Coca is the Best Coca

We’ve spent years researching, importing and enjoying coca.  It all started because we wanted to find the best quality coca possible for our own consumption.  I’ve never been the type of person to settle for poor quality coffee, so when I turned my obsession for quality to sourcing the highest quality coca, I discovered Peru and the totally legal coca industry run in that country by ENACO.  ENACO’s products are sold in Peru under the Delisse name, which is exactly the same product sold at Tea for Life.

Coca Tea Australia

Six years later, and after thousands of orders shipped to Australians who appreciate the quality and consistency,  we’re proud to continue offering Delisse coca tea.  Delisse is the only officially legal coca tea in Peru.

Give our delicious energy-giving coca tea a try, and you’ll see why our customers seeking coca tea in Australia keep coming back, time after time.

Health and happiness always,

Mike the Tea Lover


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